Friday, January 11, 2008

The Third Wave - Here & Now [1970 MPS] Germany - 320 kbps - 92 mb

Before I present this post I'd like to set this up a bit. Since it's baseball season, I'd like to make reference to that sport. This post & the two next to this post, Les Masques - Brasilian Sound [1969 CBS] France & The Silhouettes - Conversations With The Silhouettes [1969 Segue] U.S., are so in the same ballpark that I would love to load the bases & perhaps bring in a heavy hitter to bring them home & score 4 runs.
This one was recorded in Germany for the MPS label in 1969 by U.S. Jazzman George Duke. His discovery of 5 Philippine sisters who sing amazing 5 part harmony is such a catch. He frames them perfectly in a Bossa Jazz setting & does for German Jazz what Quarteto Em Cy do in Brasil, wonderful MPB styled Jazz-Pop except sung in English. I could qualify a record like this by comparing it to Austin Powers groovy, but I won't. Just some sweet 5 part vocal Jazz served up Bossa style by 5 Philippine sisters is enough to bring back my fondest memories of Bill Murray's lounge singer. I'll bet he wished he discovered these ladies. This post goes out to my buddy Greg who shares a taste like me for yummy Jazz parfait. I hope you do too? Enjoy!

File Under: German Bossa Jazz

P.S. I include this image, because I'm sure the original album artwork was closer to this style & I wish when re-issuers do re-issue that they'd just leave the darn original artwork intact. Please? In fact, if anyone has the original cover then please share it with this page.

Also, two excellent Beatles covers here, "Got To Get You Into My Life" & "Eleanor Rigby", which I prefer to the original.

Thank you Jazzman for the original cover.

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