Saturday, January 19, 2008

Renata Lú - Renata Lú [1971 Copacabana]320 kbps - 72 mb

Since I've already posted another record from the same year with the Célia, I thought this would play nicely off of that post. 1971 is indeed a great year for releases from Brasil & this one's got some gas in its tank & it's revving that engine to show off what its got. VROOOOOMMM. The Bass playing on this is zoomin' right along & got a nice funky bottom too. Outstanding horn & string work as well. I would have to call this one Brasilian Soul Pop with a lot of fidelity and beautiful singing by Renata & chorus. Very nice set & one I'm falling more in love with at each listen. Much of this era is so much that way. One can easily come over here & marvel at the exceedingly high level of song craft during this decade which is the 70's. Try this for another example of Brasilian Pop at its best. Super good fun here!

File Under: MPB

P.S. Track 1 "Faz Tanto Tempo" is off the hook funky & a whole lotta groovy too. The Bass player is super fine & boppin' those strings just right. BOOMING! The same applies to track 7 "Sambaloo" too & track 9 "Fim De Papo". B-A-D!!!
Also, this is the proper rip of this exceptional LP then the volume over @ Loronix. This is a Greg C rip & Greg doesn't bother ripping unless the record merits ripping. This is so worth the care! Dig this yummy Soul Pop.

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