Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Adoniran Barbosa - Adoniran Barbosa [1975 Odeon] 224 kbps - 50 mb (reup)

A super lovely mid-70's Lp of Sambas by Adoniran Barbosa. This is his second Lp for the Odeon label. This one is very out of print & was shared with me via a SLSK buddy. I had posted the first one last year & if this is enjoyed, then I'll gladly repost that one. OK? Only 29 minutes of music here, so you're sure to not be bored by this set. Enjoy this amazing recording of deep Sambas. Very, very nice & a solid listen. Don't forget to roll that "R" when you say Barrrrrbosa...ha, ha.

P.S. I love this more with each listen.

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