Saturday, December 29, 2007

V.A. - Café Apres-Midi Roux - 192 kbps - 111 mb (Reup)

I'm always a little hesitant to post any compilations on this page, since I have 18 volumes of my own Samba series that I would like people to try, but I assure you that this is a real treat. I'd like to heap a little praise on the Japanese DJ's. It is the Japanese who bravely get in there and re-issue some very fine rarities. The Burnier & Caritier 1974 set on my page would not even be a topic of discussion if the Japanese had not re-mastered & re-issued it. This 22 track trip through 60's & 70's MPB & international Pop-Rock compiled by Toru Hashimoto for Suburbia Factory is really something to behold. Many fine picks here from super rare LP's. Standouts like "Witchi In Brazil" by Harpers Bizzarre from 1967 or "Eden Rock" by The Fifth Avenue Band from 1969 or "The Mothman Samba" by Hirth Martinez from 1977 are just a few of the gems handpicked from rare & out of print LP's. "Ride The Wind" by The Youngbloods from 1971 at 9 minutes is another pop concept that I stand in awe of, as well as "Magical Connection" by John Sebastian from 1970 & "Golden Sun Goddess" by Jessie Davis also from 1970 are simply amazing musical numbers. I'm presenting this one at 192 kbps & suggest that if find yourself enjoying this then please pick up a copy of this CD. Extremely groovy! I hope you enjoy?

V.A. - Café Apres-Midi Roux

01. I Don't Know What Time It Was - Tony Hatch (1967)
02. One Note Samba - Barney Kessel (1961)
03. The Night We Flew Out The Window - Fantastic Something (1985)
04. Carnival - The Hi-Lo's (1963)
05. Spring Song - Linda Lewis (1973)
06. Haven't We Met - Kenny Rankin (1974)
07. Goodbye, Columbus - The Association (1969)
08. Witchi In Brazil - Harpers Bizzarre (1967)
09. Down In Brazil - Michael Franks (1977)
10. O Morro - Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66 (1965)
11. Eden Rock - The Fifth Avenue Band (1969)
12. The Mothman Samba - Hirth Martinez (1977)
13. Tin Tin Por Tin Tin - Joao Gilberto (1977)
14. The Song Is Ended - Milt Jackson (1956)
15. Buzzin' Fly - Tim Buckley (1969)
16. Ride The Wind - The Youngbloods (1971)
17. Magical Connection - John Sebastian (1970)
18. The Good Humor Man - Love (1967)
19. Golden Sun Goddess - Jessie Davis (1970)
20. I Know Sorrow - Ned Doheny (1973)
21. Sailing - Jo Mama (1970)
22. One Dream - The Dream Academy (1985)

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P.S. This one goes out to our dear friend of this page DJ Greg Caz who like me super enjoys this type of DJ-ing.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Beth Carvalho - Andança [1969 Odeon] 256 kbps - 58 mb

I was quite surprised to not find this LP up on Loronix. I do not have the verso on this album cover, but I can report that it is a very nice slice of late 60's MPB. Her voice is beautiful & the song selections & production are just so enjoyable. This is a nice look at this Samba queen in a more jazz-pop setting before she would emerge into a more Samba oriented singer in the 70's. I really enjoy this session & find her to be in the same territory as Nara Leao or early Joyce in many ways. A sweet debut with many really amazing tracks. Very nice!

Beth Carvalho - Andança [1969 Odeon]
01. Um amor em cada coração (Baden Powell - Vinicius de Moraes)
02. Maria Aninha (Fred Falcão - Paulinho Tapajós)
03. Fechei a porta (Ferreira da Silva - Sebastião Mota)
04. O porto (Renato Rocha)
05. Carnaval (Carlos Elias - Nelson Lins e Barros)
06. Andança (Edmundo Souto - Danilo Caymmi - Paulinho Tapajós)
07. Rumo sul (Edmundo Souto - Paulinho Tapajós)
08. Sentinela (Milton Nascimento - Fernando Brant)
09. Nunca (Lupicínio Rodrigues)
10. Samba do perdão (Baden Powell - Paulo César Pinheiro)
11. Maria da favela (Paulo Sergio Valle - Marcos Valle)
12. Estrela do mar (Marino Pinto - Paulo Soledade)

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P.S. Perhaps Loronix will grace us with a higher quality rip? We'll see?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Alcione - A Voz do Samba [1975 Philips] 256 kbps - 70 mb (Reup)

An excellent example of mid 70's Samba at it's very best. This very first album by Alcione catches the Samba movement in full swing. There is not one dull moment on this masterpiece. I could listen to this one twice in row it's that good. Very fleshed out song writing, production & performance by all involved. The very spirit of carnival oozes from every number. Don't miss this. Simply amazing!

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P.S. Some records are just more joy-filled then others. This is one such item!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Hypothesis vs. Fact?

Hypothesis: There seems to be this really nice dance scene over there in Brasil?
Fact: There is!

A special "Thank You" to Toru Hashimoto (Suburbia Factory) from the Café Apres-Midi series for the inspiration for my Samba series cover art.
Since his compilation has 27 tracks & does not follow the LP's in sequential order, I took it upon myself to correct this oversight by using the 5 X 5 grid & laying out the LP's sequentially & limiting the playlist to 24 tracks & leaving the 25th spot for my logo.

Additionally, every one of the Samba Showdowns will rip as a CD. Those of you with Pods, may you find my issues "Pod-Worthy".

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Noriel Vilela - Eis O Ome [1968 Copacabana/Odeon] 320 kbps - 77mb

Here's a very nice example of Samba-Pop from 1968 sung by the rich baritone of Noriel Vilea. Beautiful deep voice & a great set of songs. This spins wonderfully & has a fun, festive vibe throughout. A pretty little record. Enjoy!

File Under: MPB/Samba Pop

P.S. This is a Charles Gavin Re-Master from his Re-Issue series. Beautiful Re-Mastering here.

Monday, December 17, 2007

João Nogueira - E Lá Vou Eu [1974 EMI Odeon] 320 kbps - 93 mb

Excellent early João Nogueira LP for the Odeon studios. Many, many fine tracks here. For fans of this artist. Enjoy!

File Under: Samba

P.S. A giant of Samba-Pop. This recording gets better with each listen. I swear.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Rosinha De Valença - Um Violão Em Primeiro Plano [1971 RCA Victor] 256 kbps - 58 mb

Very nice RCA Victor LP by Rosinha De Valença on guitar running through a sweet set of songs like "Asa Branca" & "Zanzibar" by Edu Lobo, "London, London" by Caetano Veloso, "Mudei de Idéia" by Antônio Carlos & Jocafi to name a few. I don't think this has ever been posted on any blogs, so I post it for your pleasure. Enjoy!

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Nara Leão - Coisas Do Mundo [1969 Philips] 320 kbps - 81 mb

Gee, this is worth having just for the lovely face of Nara Leão looking ever so beautiful on the cover. Well, she sounds as just as great on this very sweet disc from 1969. This may not be to everyones taste, but it is certainly for fans of this excellent vocalist. I even traveled all the way to Rio & picked this up as birthday present to myself about 4 years ago. Lucky me & you too if this is your kind of singer & her tastes suit your style? This is from the box set & is somewhat rare. Also, great re-mastering on this one. Enjoy!

File Under: MPB

P.S. Nara is in a somewhat eclectic style on her 1968 & 1969 sets. Some will like this? This his two bonus tracks. Adding an extra 5 minutes to this 31 minute recording.

Nara Leão - Nara Leão [1968 Philips] 320 kbps - 73 mb

To go with the other lovely Nara LP. This one is the Japanese issue which always means excellent re-mastering. For fans of this artist. Enjoy!

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Geraldo Vandré - Enciclopédia Musical Brasileira [2000 Warner Brasil] 320 kbps - 105 mb

I really like this artist. First, he has a great voice & secondly his music is gloriously complex. He is an amazing folk singer who also has finger on the pulse of Bossa Nova & Samba Jazz. Os Afro–Sambas De Baden e Vinícius [1966 Forma] by Baden Powell & Vinícius De Moraes is very close in spirit to this recording. This artist is one of the protest singers who spoke out against the dictatorship of the late 60's & it is said that his passionate "Pra Nao Dizer Que Nao Falei Das Flores" became a song which ended this artists career for it's defiant stance against the government & was asked to renounce his song, thereby ending the artist song-writing career. This is also that moment of transition when more of the carnival sounds are being recorded to better & better effect.

This disc here is really the whole of the LP "Hora De Lutar" [1965 Continental] & the excellent "Disparada" from 1967 as track one plus "Pra Nao Dizer Que Nao Falei Das Flores" from 1968 as track 14. Nicely remastered.
This record deserves to be heard. The musical arrangements are amazing & Vandré just soars on top of the fantastic production. Great vocal work & progressive ideas abound on this great recording. Don't miss this.

File Under: MPB/Protest Singer