Monday, January 21, 2008

Erasmo Carlos - Carlos, Erasmo... [1971 Philips] 320 kbps - 85 mb (Reup)

Since I've posted the follow up on this page already, then this lovely example of Brasilian Rock belongs with that other magnificent LP. High quality composing, performing & recording on this session. If you've ever wondered if the Brasilians can rock out, then please try this & be in for a big surprise. Very, very nice & super rare too. Get this.
Thank you Greg C for this excellent share.

Erasmo Carlos - Carlos, Erasmo [1971 Philips]
01. De noite na cama (Caetano Veloso)
02. Masculino, feminino (Homero Moutinho Filho)
03. É preciso dar um jeito, meu amigo (Erasmo Carlos - Roberto Carlos)
04. Dois animais na selva suja da rua (Taiguara)
05. Gente aberta (Erasmo Carlos - Roberto Carlos)
06. Agora ninguém chora mais (Jorge Ben)
07. Sodoma e Gomorra (Erasmo Carlos - Roberto Carlos)
08. Mundo deserto (Erasmo Carlos - Roberto Carlos)
09. Não te quero santa (Vitor Martins - Saulo Nunes - Sergio Fayne)
10. Ciça, Cecília (Erasmo Carlos - Roberto Carlos)
11. Em busca das canções perdidas nº 2 (Fábio - Paulo Imperial)
12. 6 anos de vida normal (Paulo Sergio Valle - Marcos Valle)
13. Maria Joana (Erasmo Carlos - Roberto Carlos)

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P.S. You early 70's Rock-heads please treat yourself to this one. OK? You'll thank me.
This one goes out to my internet buddy Curty Ray @ PowerPop Overdose.
Also, this LP is a step in right direction for the song-writing team of Erasmo & Roberto Carlos. The follow up "Sonhos e Memorias 1941-1972" [1972 Polydor] is a fuller realization of their talents with every song being penned by this team.

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