Friday, January 18, 2008

Moacir Santos - Saudade [1974 Blue Note] 320 kbps - 80 mb (Reup)

I really care to up this again so I can lavish some praise on this very unique meeting of Brasilian composition & arranging joining forces with U.S. Soul/Jazz trends of that era. You fans of early 70's Soul & Jazz will be at home here & the icing on the cake is that this is a full on Brasilian effort as well. Moacir brings to this session all of the beauty that is Brasilian compostion melded to a wicked sense of all that is in harmony with U.S. stylings of the period. I hold this little 36 minute set in the highest regard & safely call it a masterpiece. I think a recording like this has aged very well. Let's see if you agree?

File Under: Brasilian / U.S. - Soul/Jazz

P.S. Japanese re-issue/re-master from 1998. Sweetly done!
This one grows on you. Promise!

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