Friday, January 11, 2008

Les Masques - Brasilian Sound [1969 CBS] France - 320 kbps - 74 mb

Excellent example of Bossa inspired French Jazz Pop. Words to convey a lovely little 30 minute set such as this would be, "Groovy", "Easy", "Fun", "Breezy", "Lighthearted" & they would perfectly get the idea across. I think this record has aged well & yes, I think Austin Power's romps would be even more memorable with liberal sprinklings of tracks from a disc like this. Spare a half an hour & float on this French perfumed Bossa cloud of vocal Jazz. Lovely!!!

File Under: French Bossa Jazz/ French Jazz Pop

P.S. That's Le Trio Camara backing the lovely ladies. Their - Le Trio Camara [1968 Saravah] France, can be found at Loronix.
I thought I'd bounce back easy. Easy enough?
Also, Stereolab wishes they were this tight. Sorry Stereolab. Tighten up your song-writing! If anyone finds that remark offensive, then boy do I have a pie to toss in your face with this record!

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