Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dominguinhos - Domingo Menino Dominguinhos [1976 Philips] 320 kbps - 80 mb (Re-post)

Saturdays are usually reserved for Samba, but today we go Forró. I had posted this one before, but alas I did not properly endorse this one. Let me rectify that by giving this one a big J Thyme hug & taking us a little more deeply into this Rolls Royce of the Forró set.
This record is in a class all by itself. What we have here is a level of production not usually afforded to this rustic form.
Philips rolls out the red carpet for the mighty Dominguinhos on this session. From the first toots of Dominguinhos honey toned accordian & the super crisp percussion work, by I would imagine, Wilson Das Neves whose tones are so clear & the perfect counterpoint to Dominguinhos sweet, sweet melodic stylings. This is a very sneaky one. It is somewhat a "fusion" record & to make matters more exotic, I would call a recording like this "Electric Forró" or even better "Disco-fied Forró". This set is actually on the bizarre side & if anyone knows the Polka form, then please offer me a Polka set that can go "Toe-To-Toe" with this Champagne PUNCH. Since this very fine recording is from 1976, I'll place this firmly in the "Disco" era & I'm sure any DJ with a brain in his head was dropping this magnificent slab of wax on unsuspecting listeners.
Thank you Greg for this super lovely share. Only a GENIUS could introduce me to such a beautiful recording. That's you Greg!
I hope I've done this masterwork of the Forró form a little justice?
Enjoy! This is joy with whipped cream on top!

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P.S. If anyone has proper scans of the back & front of this LP, please share them with me.
Hey Baby, don't sleep on this wicked slice of Disco!
Country fried Disco!
Also, not only is this recording oozing with fidelity, but Dominguinhos mastery of this form & his instrument are mind-bogglingly brilliant.
God bless the Philips studios for giving this artist the big chance to shine.

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