Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Goal Of This Page.

I've spent the past few years posting these Samba Showdowns to take a focused look at MPB & Samba in the 70's. It's true that I like certain LP's more then others & have drawn from some LP's endlessly, but that is my style. I've never offered any volume without adding a few tracks from LP's that we've never heard before, but I do like the production & fidelity on some records more then others. It's been said that I repeat some LP's too much. Well, that's an insight about not being foolish enough to leave behind any good track off of a masterwork. If I introduced anyone to a few good albums & focused on how good they are by dipping back repeatedly to certain LP's on my compilations, then that is what will tip a DJ off to not sleep on such records. I'm more focused on continuity & in reality no 24 tracks has ever been heard in that combination before.
This page is here to look at key albums from the 70's & I feel that I've done a nice job of introducing the world to a few gems from this lovely movement. In truth, I was ready to stop at volume 12, but I listened to my inner guidance which informed me that there is nothing wrong with focusing on the LP's which I enjoy the most. This page is devoted to the LP & one's I like to call a "SOLID LISTEN". So why would I not draw heavily from the LP's that I post? This series is nothing more then an experiment in continuity. I hope you've enjoyed discovering a few great albums of the 70's in Brasil. Thanks for tuning in & hey, hop on a plane and go visit sunny Rio or Bahia.

P.S. I'm sitting on in the area of 3000 Brasilian discs & trust me when I tell you that it takes time to sort through that many titles.
I can only digest so many discs at a time and I will not lie when I say that I may study a group of discs very deeply over a few year period. It's taken me several years of study before a disc like "E Lá Vou Eu" by João Nogueira will suddenly open up like a flower & reveal its profound beauty & brilliance. So please know that there's an organic rhythm to my efforts here. It takes time for a gringo like me to fully discover this lush, tropical landscape.