Friday, January 18, 2008

Gracinha Leporace - Gracinha Leporace [1968 Philips] 256 kbps - 57 mb

Lovely little 28 minute set for the Philips label by the very pretty voice of Gracinha Leporace. Just a light, breezy disc that represents the late 60's Brasilian sound so well. I post this more to highlight this singers work since she recorded on so many fine sessions.

Wikipedia says:
Gracinha Leporace is the wife of notable Bossa Nova musician Sérgio Mendes. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Before becoming a member of Brasil '77, she was the lead singer in a Bossa Nova group called Bossa Rio. She is the second wife of Sérgio Mendes. She was a member of his Brasil '77 line-up and sings backup vocals and occasional lead vocals on his songs.

She can be heard on all of these LP's to very good effect. I love the Grupo Manifesto Nº2 especially!

She can also be heard on this amazing session. "Raizes" or its U.S. title "Primal Roots" for A&M in 1972.

File Under: MPB

P.S. Any of the above can be found @ Loronix. I only present this post to show some of the various projects that this beautiful voice was involved with.

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