Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Antônio Carlos & Jocafi - Definitivamente [1974 RCA Victor] 320 kbps - 88 mb

I was uncertain about this disc for a long time, but have finally fallen in love with it over time. All songs are penned by this duo except track 11 which is composed by Antônio Carlos & Nonato Buzar. A bit mellower then the 1973 set, but one that grows on you after a few spins. Well, maybe more like 5 or 6 spins. So be patient with this one. I promise a very enjoyable listen here. Full of warmth & imaginative song-writing & subtle embellishment by the RCA studios. Sweet!

Antônio Carlos & Jocafi - Definitivamente [1974 RCA Victor]

01. Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos
02. Alarme Falso
03. Chuculatêra
04. Sexto Sentido
05. O poeta e o cobertor
06. Diacho de dor (com Maria Creusa)
07. Maldita hora
08. Terceiro ato (Romance teatral)
09. Meia noite
10. Toró de lágrimas
11. Uma ordem sim sinhô
12. Definitivamente

File Under: MPB/ Samba-Pop/Forró

P.S. This is the BMG issue from 2001 which included the first LP "MUDEI DE IDÉIA", but I offer this LP by itself.

Antônio Carlos & Jocafi - Antônio Carlos & Jocafii [1973 RCA Victor] 256 kbps - 76 mb

Another really excellent slice of MPB served up by the RCA Victor studios featuring Antônio Carlos & Jocafi. Every song written by this fantastic duo. Not one bad song on this masterwork of early 70's Brasilian Samba-Pop. Lovely mixture of styles and really sweet production by the staff at RCA Victor. Too many good tracks for me to single out any one number. A solid spinner & one that gets better with each listen. Promise!

Antônio Carlos & Jocafii [1973 RCA Victor]

01. Teimosa
02. Glorioso Santo Antonio
03. Dona Da Casa
04. Gamelera (As Moca)
05. Sanfona Veia
06. Deixe Que E Dengo Dela
07. Fraqueza
08. Te Quiero
09. Tereza Guerreira
10. Por Nossa Senhora
11. Um Abraco No Lucien Extensivo Ao Edu Lobo
12. Xamego De Ina

File Under: MPB/ Samba-Pop/Forró

P.S. Thank you Greg for this rip & for making sure that I didn't miss this recording. Also, If you happen to come across that idiot "Joe Sixpack's Brazilian Music Guide", please don't believe every word that that guy has to say about MPB. He's kinda lost!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Totonho - Dia A Dia [1978 Top Tape] 192 kbps - 58 mb

I had promised to spotlight certain LP's on my page from other blogs. So here's my first pick. Totonho "Dia A Dia" [1978 Top Tape] being offered over at A Música Que Vem De Minas blogspot. A very nice slice of Samba-Pop from 1978 on Top Tape. Fans of Alcione will know the tracks "Seu Rio, Meu Mar" & "O Surdo" from her LP's. Both tracks performed here by the composer himself. Samba fans get this. OK? A nice one!

File Under: Samba

P.S. I offer this rip via "A Música Que Vem De Minas blogspot". So a big Thank You to that page. It's going to be very easy to find one to spin here! Trust in Just.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Emilio Santiago - O Canto Crescente de Emilio Santiago [1979 Philips] 256 kbps - 93 mb (reup)

Happy New Year everyone. A quick re-up of this amazing vocalist. Emilio's last LP of the 70's & one that's beautifully produced & recorded. This is a Japanese issue & strangely has very little in the way of liner notes. So I can't offer much in the way of info. I can clearly hear Sivuca on accordian & scat vocals though, so listen for him. Full of excellent songs handled expertly by Emilio & all involved. A super lovely outing.

Emilio Santiago - O Canto Crescente de Emilio Santiago [1979 Philips]
01. Bufete e cascudo (Wagner Dias)
02. Trocando em miúdos (Chico Buarque, Francis Hime)
03. Caridade (Erminio do Vale, Nelson Cavaquinho)
04. Outra vez (Isolda)
05. Logo agora (Jotabe, Jorge Aragão)
06. Recado (Gonzaguinha)
07. Quase sempre (Cacaso, Edu Lobo)
08. Homenagem ao malandro (Chico Buarque)
09. As rosas não falam (Cartola)
10. Rola bola (Thomas Roth, Luiz Guedes)
11. Dores de amores (Luiz Melodia)
12. Amigo é pra essas coisas (Silvio da Silva Júnior, Aldir Blanc)
Participacao Especial de Joao Nogueira

Ficha Tecnica :

Produzido e Dirigido por SERGIO DE CARVALHO

Co-Producao - PAULO LIMA
Tecnicos de Gravacao - PAULO SERGIO "Chocolate" E ARY CARVALHAES
Auxiliar de Estudio - JULINHO "Mancha Negra"
Corte de Acetatos - IVAN LISNIK
Montagem - BARROSO
Estudio - POLYGRAM(16 canais)

Arranjos -

Musicos que participaram deste CD :

Piano Eletrico : MARQUINHOS
Piano Acustico e Orgao : ANTONIO ADOLFO
Violao e Guitarra Base : ZE CARLOS
Baixo : JACARE
Cavaquinho : NECO
Bateria : PAULINHO
Percussao : ARMANDO
Acordeon : CHIQUINHO
Clarinete : NETINHO
Flauta e Sax Alto : MEIRELLES
Sax Tenor : ZE CARLOS

File Under: MPB

P.S. I consider the LP before this one "Comigo É Assim" from '77 on the Philips label to be his masterpiece, but this is in many ways right up there with that one. This may take a few spins before it wins you over, but trust me it will grow on you.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Conjunto Sambacana - Conjunto Sambacana Vol.3 [1969 Odeon] 256 kbps - 58 mb

How I forgot to post this lovely little session is beyond me? The cover photo says it all. 7 singers breezing through 12 very pretty late 60's vocal jazz numbers. Greg had introduced me to this LP way back in 2002. I had always enjoyed this session, so I share this Greg Caz rip of this super-sweet bossa jazz spinner. Rather short at 26 mintues. This LP plays like a summer breeze gently flowing by. Very nice!

File Under: Bossa Nova / Vocal Jazz

P.S. A gentle & unassuming set, but there are some really outstanding numbers here. Standouts for me are "Tarde Azul", "Canto Puro Amor", "Daudade Nos Olhos", "Giro" & "Tudo Azul". Overall, a very nice & worthwhile listen. At 26 minutes, you won't be bored.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Batatinha - Toalha Da Saudade [1976 Continental] 192 kbps - 50 mb

Since we're about a month away from the first days of Spring, these last days of Winter can seem the darkest. I post this record as a little dose of vitamin C for those lingering days of chilly weather. To those winter blues I offer this very pretty & happy little recording.
I've been enjoying this one the past couple of years & falling deeply in love with it's songs & the amazing arrangements that surround these very lovable melodies. The horn section is an absolute delight, as well as the choral singing, cavachino, cuica, triangle & throw in a French horn & a penny whistle for good measure. There are too many good songs for me single any out. This album is a total masterpiece of mid-70's Samba Pop. Beautifully recorded, so please listen for the clarity of composition & arrangements. Not one bad song on this upbeat & endlessly enjoyable spinner. Even the slow songs have amazing swing. Superb artisty here. Bravo Batatinha! Sunshine here for Samba-heads.

Batatinha - Toalha Da Saudade [1976 Continental]

01. Toalha da saudade
02. Rosa tristeza
03. Hora da razão
04. Babá de luxo
05. Marta
06. Ondas Do Mar
07. A Sorte do Benedito
08. Fora do meu samba
09. Espera
10. Ironia
11. Marca No Pé
12. Indecisão

P.S. I've been drawing from this LP for the past 2 years & keep coming back & finding more & more good tracks to fall in love with for the Samba Showdowns. Sorry about the smaller size on this one, but I'd rather see this gem reach a few more people who are looking for such a set. Good luck finding an LP or CD remaster of this rarity.
This one goes out to my buddy over at Flabbergasted Vibes Blogspot. A jewel pulled out of a haystack of recorded sounds.
One last thing. The length of this LP is 35 minutes long for 12 songs. This is the perfect length for a 12 song set. I've found that the better LP's are in the 28 to 35 minute area. Less is more!

Nadinho Da Ilha - Cabeça Feita [1976 EMI Odeon] 224 kbps - 62 mb

First I want to say a big thank you to Toque Musical for introducing me to this amazing EMI Odeon session. The second person to thank would have to be Charles Gavin for re-mastering this recording & giving it a second life. High praise must go to the EMI Odeon studios for raising the quality even higher on the technique of how to record this glorious Samba form. Friends of this page please listen closely to the high art of the recording excellence that abounds in Brasil in the 70's. Concepts like mic-ing, tape saturation, compression & good ol' mono mixing for a brilliantly sculpted sound-space. Outstanding Samba here recorded with such clarity to the compositions & artistry of its musicians. Don't miss this. With headphones!

File Under: Samba

P.S. This record is "Off The Hook, Hooked Up". No lie. I've been drawing from this masterwork since volume 12 of the Samba Showdowns. Lucky is the DJ with this record on his/her side.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jair Rodrigues - Orgulho de um Sambista [1973 Philips] 320 kbps - 102 mb

The title "Orgulho de um Sambista" translates as "Pride of a Sambista". That's exactly what we have here. A sambista heralding the wonderful Samba composers who are writing up a storm over in sunny South America.
I can not recommend this record enough. This has become my favorite album of this artist. An absolutely magnificent Samba recording. There is not one bad song on this masterwork of Brasilian song. The Philips studio bats this one right out of the stadium. I've been enjoying this one the past few years. I've concluded, that this record is one that I would pick for people visiting my page looking for all kinds of South American goodies. If you want a great example of Samba-Pop circa 1973, then try this. SOLID!

P.S. When I want to hear an example of Brasilian music, I want to hear something that conjures Carnival & all the vitality that I come to expect of Brasilian song. This record embodies that kind of celebratory energy that I associate with South America.
I really like the mix of pure Samba meet Brasilian Jazz. The jazz piano work here is fantastic!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Nonato E Seu Conjunto - No Balanço Jovem De Nonato E Seu Conjunto [1978 RCA Camden] @ toque-musicall blogspot

Don't miss this very solid slice of Funk-Rock Nordestino being offered at Toque-musicall. A nice one!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Johnny Alf - Ele E Johnny Alf [1971 Parlophone/Odeon] 320 kbps - 87 mb (Reup)

To honor the passing of a very great voice, pianist & composer who passed away this past week at age 80. R.I.P. Johhny Alf.

I'm reposting this exceptional LP for several reasons. First, in the history of the major players of Bossa Nova, I think this artist tends to not get his due because of his output or perhaps because he didn't crossover as easily as say, Antônio Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto or Luiz Bonfá. Considering that this very fine piano player/singer was honing his craft since the late 40's, I would say that it took long enough for the major labels to roll out the red carpet & give this talent a chance to shine properly. This 1971 session does just that & is a real treat! Beautifully composed, performed & produced by the Odeon studios. This IS one of the great, great recordings of Bossa Nova/MPB. For those who've read "Bossa Nova: The Story of the Brazilian Music That Seduced the World " by Ruy Castro, it speaks highly of Johnny Alf & his influence on the key players of Bossa. In the formative years of the early & late 50's when all the musicians were done playing at the nightspots around Rio they would end their day with drinks where Johnny played. This means that this artist is a musician's musician! Please don't miss this key album by this very gifted pianist & his honey-coated voice. This issue has a bonus single from 1972 added to its 11 tracks making it a perfect 13 track spinner. A Masterpiece & one that I place very high in my list of all time great artists & LP's. Enjoy!

File Under: Post Bossa/MPB

P.S. I call this one "Post Bossa" because I feel this is a Bossa style artist, but recorded in the more modern MPB style & era. This recording is way more fleshed out then his 60's recordings, as are most of his 70's output.

One last thing. On my visit to Paris, my host Arnaud seemed quite perplexed by my use of the term "Under-rated vs. Over-Rated". Well Arnaud, since Antônio Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto & Luiz Bonfá are more known then Johnny Alf, then I would say my term under-rated fits perfectly here.

Cyro Aguiar - Cyro Aguiar [1975 Som Livre] 320 kbps - 90 mb

This is one that I have been enjoying and drawing from for my Samba Showdown series the past few years. This very sweet album comes to us via Toque Musicall Blogspot which was posted about 3 years ago. I cleaned up the tags a little & offer this pretty LP with many thanks to Toque Musicall for sharing this gem with us. Enjoy the sounds of Bahia with Cyro Aguiar on this excellent Som Livre set. A few slow numbers, but overall the great numbers make this one a "Must Listen". Very nice!

Cyro Aguiar - Cyro Aguiar [1975 Som Livre]

01. Crítica
02. Só Não Viu Quem Não Ficou
03. Fonte Da Bica
04. Dolores Duran
05. Foi Deus
06. Made In Brazil
07. Dias De Hoje
08. Neurose
09. Pensamento
10. Não Pise No Meu Calo
11. Mistificação

P.S. Over the past 3 years there were so many Brasilian LP's dropped on the internet that it's only natural that it's going to take a few years to sort through the overwhelming amount of music that's been offered. I'd rather not let a nice album like this get lost.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax - Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax [1976 Pirata - São Paulo ] 320 kbps - 76 mb

Hey everybody. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I decided to post an LP that I once had up on this page about 3 years ago. So here's Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax from 1976 on the Pirata label out of São Paulo. I've really grown to love this little session with its amazing blend of Samba rhythms meets U.S. Soul & Funk. Fans of 70's U.S. Soul & Funk should be right at home here. If you like Earth, Wind & Fire then you might enjoy this groovy little LP. This is a nice set with at least 8 of the 10 tracks being very listenable & worthy of your time. Fans of the Samba Showdowns will certainly know a few of these selections from the series. Please enjoy Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax. A few really outstanding numbers here.

Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax - Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax [1976 Pirata - São Paulo]

01. Na Cara Desse Cara
02. Coluna Do Meio
03. Na Passarela
04. Nanar Contigo
05. My Brother Zeca
06. Tá Legal
07. Nega Louca
08. Santa Inquisição
09. Ave Anne
10. Tributo A Martin Luther King/Black Is Beautiful/What's Going On?

P.S. Don't be fooled by the lightweight album cover with the barely sketched figures because the sounds inside are nicely produced for a tiny little session. Really!

Azambuja & CIA (Conjunto Aiymuth) - Azambuja & CIA [1975 CID] 320 kbps - 58 mb (Reup)

To honor the passing of a very talented artist! A 7 song EP. Only 20 minutes of music here, but an AMAZING 20 minutes!

Azambuja & CIA (Conjunto Aiymuth) - Azambuja & CIA [1975 CID]

01. Negra Brecho
02. Ao Bililico
03. Tema De Azambuja
04. Maristela
05. O Poste Da Rua Jorge De Lima
06. Verde
07. A Turma

Featuring: Arnaud Rodrigues, Vitor Asis Brasil, Durval Ferreira, Celso Woltzen and Mauricio Einhorn; arrangements by Jose Roberto Bertrami and Jose Menezes.

Since I see the words Conjunto Aiymuth. I think this is basically an off-shoot project of the band Azymuth. This may very well be the strongest thing that Azymuth laid to wax! When I think of this band, I think of this project.

At it's core this is a Folk record. The influence of Jose Roberto Bertrami of Azymuth on Synth & Electric Piano & the presence of the Electric Bass really shift this "Folk" session into a whole other creature. I like to use the term "Electric Samba" to describe a session like this.
The Samba form is basically an acoustic one. Acoustic guitar, Accordian, Conga, Flute, Harmonica & Percussion GALORE, etc, etc. Non - Electric at it's base & almost rural in its form. By the time we reach the early 70's, this humble Samba style is being influenced by the presence of ELECTRICITY, mutating it into something subtlely Psychedelic. This is not a Psychedelic record, but aspects of it are!
This is an EP of seven songs & only 20 minutes of music, but quite amazing in it's quality & worth having for track one alone! If those train whistles don't get you "All Aboard", then I guess the "Samba Express" is not going your way. Keep your eye on Bertrami on Synth & Arnaud Rodrigues on vocals. A really amazing treat. Get this!

File Under: MPB / Forró / Fusion

P.S. This is a rare LP Rip from my friend Greg's collection. In fact, the 7 tracks presented here is an edit of the original LP with 2 long monologs at the end of each side, but this works nicely as a 7 song EP. Thank you Greg for sharing this pearl with us.
Every track's a winner. SOLID!

These are other related projects with much of the same vibe as this EP.

R.I.P. Arnaud.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

V.A. - Minha Portela Querida - Sambas de Terreiros [1972 Odeon] 224 kbps - 50 mb

I'm bringing this back to the front so its gets another chance at being heard better. If someone were to say to me, "I know nothing about Samba. Could you pick a good example so that I could know what a good record sounds like?" I think I would choose a record like this one.
This is a perfect example of early 70's Samba. Served up here expertly by the Odeon studios. Who ever set up the microphones for this session & mixed it were geniuses. Really love the cuica, cowbell, woodblock sound here. Fans of Paulinho da Viola & Candeia will know what kind of company we're in. Deep Samba! Amazing, amazing, amazing! If you need proof, then check my later Samba Showdowns. I'm all over this gem. Enjoy!

01. Voltei (Wilson Bombeiro e Anézio)
02. Paz (Ivancué)
03. Conversa Fiada (Joãozinho da Pecadora)
04. Não Chora Meu Amor (Casquinha)
05. Meu Dinheiro Nao Da (Candeia e Catoni)
06. Um Certo Dia Para 21 (Paulinho da Viola)
07. Deixa De Zanga (Candeia)
08. Ilu Aye (Cabana e Norival Reis)
09. Não Pode Ser Verdade (Alberto Lonato)
10. Amor Sem Raiz (Carlos Elias)
11. Em Festa De Rato Nao Sobra Queijo (Velha)
12. Meu Regresso (Monarco)
13. O Que Eu Quero E Sambar (Garoto)

P.S. This record is the BOMB. It is being dropped here in a BIG WAY. Smokin'!!! DJ's, don't sleep on this one.

Os Originais do Samba - Samba é de lei [1970 RCA Victor] @ Global Grooves Blogspot

I haven't fully checked in with this bands first two LP's both released in 1969, but I can report that this 3rd album of theirs is really in FULL SWING. This one is getting many spins from me of late. I really like how well this band jives with the RCA studios. RCA Victor knows exactly how to handle talent like this. Record them gloriously! This is a brilliant way to kick off 1970. With a big ol' carnaval bash. This is the blossoming of Samba-Pop in terms of how well it's being recorded. Beautifully produced & performed. A very big "thumbs up" from me. Solid & Rockin' hard. This is a great band & a perfect example of Samba-Pop at it's best. Very nice! Thank you DJ Moos for such an amazing share.

P.S. They make themselves to be goofy on the cover, but their sound is "No Joke". What is funny about them though is that they started as a backing-band for other artists, but really came into their own as an act. I would describe them as play-full & very tight as a unit.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Djalma Dias - Destaque [1974 Som Livre] 320 kbps - 78 mb

I can't believe that I've been sitting on this disc for the past 3 1/2 years & failed to really focus on how great it really is. Well, it's never too late to make up for lost time. Friends of this page who know how much I love Brasil in the mid-70's, will know that this is very much in keeping with the posts that I present on this page. A wonderful Som Livre LP by the very talented vocalist Djalma Dias. The range of styles here are marvelous. All wrapped in that classic MPB style that Brasil did so well during this period of time. I'll keep this short and just say that is a lovely example of mid-70's Brasilian Pop. Every track's a winner & the disc spins beautifully as a whole. Enjoy!

P.S. Thank you Greg for this rip. Your taste in Brasilian Pop is flawless.