Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dominguinhos - Oi, Lá Vou Eu! [1977 Philips] 320 kbps - 94 mb (Re-post)

Gee, I don't think you can find any funkier Country style pop then this. Dominguinhos Forró gets the deluxe disco glam finish from the Philips studios. I think this record is a total sleeper & is again, one that aged really well. Not only is the composition & performance through the roof on this, but the production is out of this world. A very nice listen from start to finish with some very subtle surprises. For those that enjoy a little accordion pop, this stands out in that genre in a big way. Enjoy!

File Under: Forró

P.S. Greg assures us that Dominguinhos recorded these two sides for the Philips label & would never receive this level of studio polish again. These are real stand-outs in this artist's catalog. Thank you kindly for these shares Greg.
This has a WICKED FUNKY EDGE & TONS OF SOUL. Those with an ear for this era of music will detect with repeated listens a highly unique fusion attempted & delivered here. D-E-L-U-X-E.
Also this artist really helps to cross-over Forró to the mainstream of MPB. Bravo!

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