Friday, January 18, 2008

Dóris Monteiro - Simplesmente [1966 Philips/1996 Bomba] 320 kbps - 70 mb (Reup)

I present this recording to make some distinctions about this flawless session. First, this is perhaps my favorite of the Divas over here in Brasil. Since we are no longer in an era where Opera is flowing into the popular form, this type of voice sits very well with my classical leanings. When I conjure up the word Diva this lady will certainly fit the part. I love the ease, perfect pitch & phrasing of this finely tuned Jazz singer. 27 minutes in length with each song about 2 minutes long. I adore this kind of songwriting. Tight & very focused song choices & arrangements & Dóris really knows how to sell each & every number on this masterpiece of Bossa Nova / MPB. This record is so fine, I could listen to it twice in a row, it's that good.
This is the 1996 Bomba re-issue from Japan & overflowing with fidelity. It's in not only my top picks of this era, but one of the all time great recordings of this mighty musical culture. 5 stars! OK?

File Under: Bossa Nova / MPB

P.S. Please spin this a few times in a row. It spins well. Very Great!

Additionally, if this session is enjoyed, then please don't miss her set from 1971. It should be @ Loronix.

Since I love Doris so much I offer this LP cover being offered @ Toque Musical blogspot.
Dóris Monteiro - Série Coletânea Vol.3 [1975 EMI Odeon]

A "best of" looking at her work from the mid 60's through the early 70's. Lovely! For fans of this artist!

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