Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Totonho - Dia A Dia [1978 Top Tape] 192 kbps - 58 mb

I had promised to spotlight certain LP's on my page from other blogs. So here's my first pick. Totonho "Dia A Dia" [1978 Top Tape] being offered over at A Música Que Vem De Minas blogspot. A very nice slice of Samba-Pop from 1978 on Top Tape. Fans of Alcione will know the tracks "Seu Rio, Meu Mar" & "O Surdo" from her LP's. Both tracks performed here by the composer himself. Samba fans get this. OK? A nice one!

File Under: Samba

P.S. I offer this rip via "A Música Que Vem De Minas blogspot". So a big Thank You to that page. It's going to be very easy to find one to spin here! Trust in Just.

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