Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Cyro Aguiar - Cyro Aguiar [1975 Som Livre] 320 kbps - 90 mb

This is one that I have been enjoying and drawing from for my Samba Showdown series the past few years. This very sweet album comes to us via Toque Musicall Blogspot which was posted about 3 years ago. I cleaned up the tags a little & offer this pretty LP with many thanks to Toque Musicall for sharing this gem with us. Enjoy the sounds of Bahia with Cyro Aguiar on this excellent Som Livre set. A few slow numbers, but overall the great numbers make this one a "Must Listen". Very nice!

Cyro Aguiar - Cyro Aguiar [1975 Som Livre]

01. Crítica
02. Só Não Viu Quem Não Ficou
03. Fonte Da Bica
04. Dolores Duran
05. Foi Deus
06. Made In Brazil
07. Dias De Hoje
08. Neurose
09. Pensamento
10. Não Pise No Meu Calo
11. Mistificação

P.S. Over the past 3 years there were so many Brasilian LP's dropped on the internet that it's only natural that it's going to take a few years to sort through the overwhelming amount of music that's been offered. I'd rather not let a nice album like this get lost.

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