Monday, January 8, 2007

Azambuja & CIA (Conjunto Aiymuth) - Azambuja & CIA [1975 CID] 320 kbps - 58 mb (Reup)

To honor the passing of a very talented artist! A 7 song EP. Only 20 minutes of music here, but an AMAZING 20 minutes!

Azambuja & CIA (Conjunto Aiymuth) - Azambuja & CIA [1975 CID]

01. Negra Brecho
02. Ao Bililico
03. Tema De Azambuja
04. Maristela
05. O Poste Da Rua Jorge De Lima
06. Verde
07. A Turma

Featuring: Arnaud Rodrigues, Vitor Asis Brasil, Durval Ferreira, Celso Woltzen and Mauricio Einhorn; arrangements by Jose Roberto Bertrami and Jose Menezes.

Since I see the words Conjunto Aiymuth. I think this is basically an off-shoot project of the band Azymuth. This may very well be the strongest thing that Azymuth laid to wax! When I think of this band, I think of this project.

At it's core this is a Folk record. The influence of Jose Roberto Bertrami of Azymuth on Synth & Electric Piano & the presence of the Electric Bass really shift this "Folk" session into a whole other creature. I like to use the term "Electric Samba" to describe a session like this.
The Samba form is basically an acoustic one. Acoustic guitar, Accordian, Conga, Flute, Harmonica & Percussion GALORE, etc, etc. Non - Electric at it's base & almost rural in its form. By the time we reach the early 70's, this humble Samba style is being influenced by the presence of ELECTRICITY, mutating it into something subtlely Psychedelic. This is not a Psychedelic record, but aspects of it are!
This is an EP of seven songs & only 20 minutes of music, but quite amazing in it's quality & worth having for track one alone! If those train whistles don't get you "All Aboard", then I guess the "Samba Express" is not going your way. Keep your eye on Bertrami on Synth & Arnaud Rodrigues on vocals. A really amazing treat. Get this!

File Under: MPB / Forró / Fusion

P.S. This is a rare LP Rip from my friend Greg's collection. In fact, the 7 tracks presented here is an edit of the original LP with 2 long monologs at the end of each side, but this works nicely as a 7 song EP. Thank you Greg for sharing this pearl with us.
Every track's a winner. SOLID!

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R.I.P. Arnaud.

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