Friday, January 19, 2007

Batatinha - Toalha Da Saudade [1976 Continental] 192 kbps - 50 mb

Since we're about a month away from the first days of Spring, these last days of Winter can seem the darkest. I post this record as a little dose of vitamin C for those lingering days of chilly weather. To those winter blues I offer this very pretty & happy little recording.
I've been enjoying this one the past couple of years & falling deeply in love with it's songs & the amazing arrangements that surround these very lovable melodies. The horn section is an absolute delight, as well as the choral singing, cavachino, cuica, triangle & throw in a French horn & a penny whistle for good measure. There are too many good songs for me single any out. This album is a total masterpiece of mid-70's Samba Pop. Beautifully recorded, so please listen for the clarity of composition & arrangements. Not one bad song on this upbeat & endlessly enjoyable spinner. Even the slow songs have amazing swing. Superb artisty here. Bravo Batatinha! Sunshine here for Samba-heads.

Batatinha - Toalha Da Saudade [1976 Continental]

01. Toalha da saudade
02. Rosa tristeza
03. Hora da razão
04. Babá de luxo
05. Marta
06. Ondas Do Mar
07. A Sorte do Benedito
08. Fora do meu samba
09. Espera
10. Ironia
11. Marca No Pé
12. Indecisão

P.S. I've been drawing from this LP for the past 2 years & keep coming back & finding more & more good tracks to fall in love with for the Samba Showdowns. Sorry about the smaller size on this one, but I'd rather see this gem reach a few more people who are looking for such a set. Good luck finding an LP or CD remaster of this rarity.
This one goes out to my buddy over at Flabbergasted Vibes Blogspot. A jewel pulled out of a haystack of recorded sounds.
One last thing. The length of this LP is 35 minutes long for 12 songs. This is the perfect length for a 12 song set. I've found that the better LP's are in the 28 to 35 minute area. Less is more!

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