Friday, January 19, 2007

Nadinho Da Ilha - Cabeça Feita [1976 EMI Odeon] 224 kbps - 62 mb

First I want to say a big thank you to Toque Musical for introducing me to this amazing EMI Odeon session. The second person to thank would have to be Charles Gavin for re-mastering this recording & giving it a second life. High praise must go to the EMI Odeon studios for raising the quality even higher on the technique of how to record this glorious Samba form. Friends of this page please listen closely to the high art of the recording excellence that abounds in Brasil in the 70's. Concepts like mic-ing, tape saturation, compression & good ol' mono mixing for a brilliantly sculpted sound-space. Outstanding Samba here recorded with such clarity to the compositions & artistry of its musicians. Don't miss this. With headphones!

File Under: Samba

P.S. This record is "Off The Hook, Hooked Up". No lie. I've been drawing from this masterwork since volume 12 of the Samba Showdowns. Lucky is the DJ with this record on his/her side.

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