Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Johnny Alf - Ele E Johnny Alf [1971 Parlophone/Odeon] 320 kbps - 87 mb (Reup)

To honor the passing of a very great voice, pianist & composer who passed away this past week at age 80. R.I.P. Johhny Alf.

I'm reposting this exceptional LP for several reasons. First, in the history of the major players of Bossa Nova, I think this artist tends to not get his due because of his output or perhaps because he didn't crossover as easily as say, Antônio Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto or Luiz Bonfá. Considering that this very fine piano player/singer was honing his craft since the late 40's, I would say that it took long enough for the major labels to roll out the red carpet & give this talent a chance to shine properly. This 1971 session does just that & is a real treat! Beautifully composed, performed & produced by the Odeon studios. This IS one of the great, great recordings of Bossa Nova/MPB. For those who've read "Bossa Nova: The Story of the Brazilian Music That Seduced the World " by Ruy Castro, it speaks highly of Johnny Alf & his influence on the key players of Bossa. In the formative years of the early & late 50's when all the musicians were done playing at the nightspots around Rio they would end their day with drinks where Johnny played. This means that this artist is a musician's musician! Please don't miss this key album by this very gifted pianist & his honey-coated voice. This issue has a bonus single from 1972 added to its 11 tracks making it a perfect 13 track spinner. A Masterpiece & one that I place very high in my list of all time great artists & LP's. Enjoy!

File Under: Post Bossa/MPB

P.S. I call this one "Post Bossa" because I feel this is a Bossa style artist, but recorded in the more modern MPB style & era. This recording is way more fleshed out then his 60's recordings, as are most of his 70's output.

One last thing. On my visit to Paris, my host Arnaud seemed quite perplexed by my use of the term "Under-rated vs. Over-Rated". Well Arnaud, since Antônio Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto & Luiz Bonfá are more known then Johnny Alf, then I would say my term under-rated fits perfectly here.

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