Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jair Rodrigues - Orgulho de um Sambista [1973 Philips] 320 kbps - 102 mb

The title "Orgulho de um Sambista" translates as "Pride of a Sambista". That's exactly what we have here. A sambista heralding the wonderful Samba composers who are writing up a storm over in sunny South America.
I can not recommend this record enough. This has become my favorite album of this artist. An absolutely magnificent Samba recording. There is not one bad song on this masterwork of Brasilian song. The Philips studio bats this one right out of the stadium. I've been enjoying this one the past few years. I've concluded, that this record is one that I would pick for people visiting my page looking for all kinds of South American goodies. If you want a great example of Samba-Pop circa 1973, then try this. SOLID!

P.S. When I want to hear an example of Brasilian music, I want to hear something that conjures Carnival & all the vitality that I come to expect of Brasilian song. This record embodies that kind of celebratory energy that I associate with South America.
I really like the mix of pure Samba meet Brasilian Jazz. The jazz piano work here is fantastic!

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