Thursday, January 4, 2007

Os Originais do Samba - Samba é de lei [1970 RCA Victor] @ Global Grooves Blogspot

I haven't fully checked in with this bands first two LP's both released in 1969, but I can report that this 3rd album of theirs is really in FULL SWING. This one is getting many spins from me of late. I really like how well this band jives with the RCA studios. RCA Victor knows exactly how to handle talent like this. Record them gloriously! This is a brilliant way to kick off 1970. With a big ol' carnaval bash. This is the blossoming of Samba-Pop in terms of how well it's being recorded. Beautifully produced & performed. A very big "thumbs up" from me. Solid & Rockin' hard. This is a great band & a perfect example of Samba-Pop at it's best. Very nice! Thank you DJ Moos for such an amazing share.

P.S. They make themselves to be goofy on the cover, but their sound is "No Joke". What is funny about them though is that they started as a backing-band for other artists, but really came into their own as an act. I would describe them as play-full & very tight as a unit.

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