Thursday, February 21, 2008

St. Julian Samba Showdown 20 by J Thyme '09 - 320 kbps - 164 mb

Well folks, here's the 20th installment of the Samba Showdown series. I know that there's only a few die-hard fans of this series, so this post is for us I guess? I'm going to let the newer fans of Samba & MPB catch up with those of us who can easily listen to this glorious musical form endlessly. Should I see the list of listener feedback increase in the coming months, then I might be able to squeeze another volume out of my collection. My hope is that your feet will be tapping along with the rhythmic bliss contained on these tracks. I actually see the shining face of God when I hear this happy, upbeat and endlessly delightful music. This is a very heart centered music and I find that it connects me deeply to my heart. Bliss happens at the center! Ahhhhhh.

St. Julian Samba Showdown 20 by J Thyme '09

01. Avenida Fechada - Elton Medeiros (1973)
02. Meus Outros Anos - Sonia Lemos (1975)
03. Caçoeira - Nonato E Seu Conjunto (1974)
04. Cadà Mariza - Leci Brandão (1975)
05. Sonho De Bamba - João Nogueira (1974)
06. Rala Rala - Maria Creuza (1976)
07. Alegria - Ismael Silva (1973)
08. Tristeza Pe No Chao - Clara Nunes (1973)
09. Sou Da Madrugada - Jair Rodrigues (1973)
10. Dia De Graça - Candeia (1978)
11. Eu Vou Sorrir - Iracy Serra (1976)
12. Só Queria Ser Feliz - Beth Carvalho (1975)
13. Mulher, Patrão E Cachaça - Adoniran Barbosa (1975)
14. A Dona Do Primeiro Andar - Os Originais do Samba (1975)
15. Loteca - Cravo E Canela (1977)
16. Bufete E Cascudo - Emilio Santiago (1979)
17. Fica Doido Varrido - Os Cinco Crioulos (1967)
18. Chega De Enganar A Nêga - Betinho (1974)
19. Deixa A Cana Moer - Nadinho Da Ilha (1976)
20. Tataruê - Giovana (1975)
21. Na Baixa Do Sapateiro - Manoel Conceição (1975)
22. Batuque Feiticeiro - Alcione (1975)
23. O Sol Nascerá - Cartola (1975)
24. Samba Da Legalidade - Nara Leão (1965)

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P.S. This post goes out to our friend of this page Greg Caz. Greg happy birthday & thank you so much for all of your guidance & support. You're a Bro'.
Also, I've done my very best to make each of these volume as listenable as possible. This page is my love affair with Brasilian Samba & MPB. I hope I've given you the listener a good idea of how good this genre can be?

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