Saturday, February 16, 2008

João Só - João Só, Na Multidão [1971 Odeon] 320 kbps - 65 mb (Reup)

The heavens were shining upon our guide of this page Greg when he found this lovely LP. Excellent example of that early 70's Odeon sound. I doubt this recording ever saw a reissue & if there were to be one, it would be the Japanese who would most likely issue it. I would also guess that João Só had one shot at a recording date with a studio of this stature & boy did the Odeon studios hook him up. A stunning example of early 70's MPB. Samba-Pop doesn't get any better then this. Heavenly!
I adore this recording!

João Só - João Só, Na Multidão [1971 Odeon]
01. Marinheiro Só (Caetano veloso)
02. Falo Ao Mar (João Só)
03. Cancão Pra Janaina (João Só)
04. Copacabana (João De Barro - Alberto Ribeiro)
05. Quem Sabe O Amanha (João Só-Dom Salvador)
06. Me Chamo João Só (João Só)
07. Minha Bahia Quero Ver (João Só)
08. Inhambu (João Só - Laércio De freitas)
09. Por Um Minuto Apenas (João Só)
10. Flavia (João Só)
11. Minina Da Ladeira (João Só)
12. Voce Ja Foi À Bahia (Dorival Caymmi)

File Under: MPB / Samba- Pop

P.S. This should sit nicely next to the Elza Pede Passagem [1972 Odeon] by Elza Soares. Thank you Greg for this share.
For those of you lucky enough to walk down a Rio Boulevard, just dig that front cover. Very cool! And look at that beat up guitar. A nice contrast to João's crisp white suit. Love the white suit, very YANG.

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