Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Djavan - A Voz, O Violao, A Musica De Djavan [1976 Som Livre] 256 kbps - 70 mb (Reup)

Let's take a look at the Som Livre label. Here's a fine one!
A very strong debut by this very talented singer-songwriter. My favorite by him & one that spins very well. This artist fell off very quickly, giving us over-produced & very uneven LP's very soon after this fine release. This one here is a very winning effort & highly accessible. Enjoy!

File Under: Brasilian Pop/MPB

P.S. Nice guitar player & a fine voice to go with it. SOLID.
Don't know why Som Livre never got around to a proper reissue for this gem?
The work of Edson Frederico on keyboard & arranging duties really makes this one shine!

Edson Frederico (Keyboard player & arranger)
Luizão Maia (bass)
Hélio Delmiro (guitar)
Paulinho Braga (drums)

Thanks Rik for the band credits. Thank you Sabadabada blogspot for the fine scan on this rarity.

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