Sunday, February 17, 2008

Brazilian Singers - Brazilian Singers [1973 London] 320 kbps - 75 mb

Well, I guess today will be a Samba Saturday. With all due respect to "Trix Vinyl Rips Blogspot" for the inside information on these recordings for the London imprint by the Brazilian Singers. Trix has told me that these are super rare meetings of some very fine talents fused to the SAMBA REVIVAL MOVEMENT. The Golden Boys,Trio Esperança & Evinha are some of the artists involved here.
I really enjoy the way this album presents itself. Almost a Samba "Hit Parade" or better, an expanded form of the Potpourri which the Brasilian's do ever so well. This is a nice look at what was bubbling on the Samba Pop horizon of that year. Nicely done & full on Samba bass drum, cuica & whistles in abundance all the way through, not to mention that lovely choral section.

I had presented the 1974 session last year via "Trix Vinyl Rips Blogspot" & I must confess that of the two sets that I lean more towards the 1974 one, but this very fine LP would serve as an excellent warm up to that fantastic album. No worries about the quality here, because we compare apples to oranges & both are very tasty! OK? Enjoy!

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P.S. A big THANK YOU to a certain friend to the South of me with a green parrot friend for this gracious share. No names.

Has anyone heard this one? Me curious?
Brazilian Singers [1975 London] Roosters & Bees? I love it.
(I think the worker was a little drunk or sleepy when they placed the "Estereofonico" sticker on though.)

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