Thursday, February 21, 2008

Antônio Carlos & Jocafi "Mudei De Ideia" [1971 RCA Victor] 320 kbps - 77 mb

See the pretty cover? See the pretty cover burn the eyeball. The pretty cover is an invitation to have a nice acid guitar player burn your ass. Come in and feel the flames scorch your behind. You'll love it. This can be called Samba Funk with a Rock edge or it could be called Samba Rock with a funky edge. You decide. One thing is for sure, some of Jimi Hendrix's sweat fell on the guitar player.

Antônio Carlos & Jocafi "Mudei De Ideia"
1971 RCA Victor [Remastered] 2001
1.Voce Abusou
2.Se Quiser Valer
4.Conceicao Da Praia
6.Mudei De Ideia
8.Quem Vem La
9.Nord West
10.Morte Do Amor
11.Deus O Salve

File Under: Samba Rock / MPB

P.S. I line up these RCA ones in a row to show the label sound.
This Samba Pop is on some serious A-C-I-D. A beautiful balance between softer numbers & the more "over the top" type tracks. A Masterpiece of RCA recording. Also of the two covers above, the top one fully communicates what's inside. The art director was going in the right direction with those hot pinks & orange just searing the eye and transmitting the inner content of the sounds contain within the sleave.
Additionally, I hear this one is to see a proper vinyl re-issue by Mr. Bongo U.K., so look for that.

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