Thursday, February 21, 2008

Erasmo Carlos - Sonhos e Memorias 1941-1972 [1972 Polydor] 320 kbps - 100 mb

Erasmo Carlos - Sonhos e Memorias 1941-1972 [1972 Polydor]

Hands down, my favorite Rock LP from Brasil. This record is made with all the love poured into a Beatles album. Very informed by all things Rock as can be noted by the cover with the photos of all his Pop/Rock heros. The very best of production on this one. They were very much aiming for that Abbey Road sound on this session & perhaps trying to outdo them on their production values & maybe succeeding! Let me know what you think? Pop Heaven!! This record is very SOLID & highly enjoyable. The fullest realization of the "New Guard" movement...Brasilian Rock. A Pop-Rock Masterpiece! The Production, songwriting & performance are through the roof on this record & full of some psych beauty too. The engineering on this record is a trip! We're talking HIGH QUALITY TAPE SATURATION & MIXING here! Beautifully recorded & expertly performed by ALL INVOLVED. The Brasilian RECORDING INDUSTRY at the peak of their powers!

File Under: Brasilian Rock / MPB

P.S. Thanks Greg. Wouldn't have missed this for the world.
One more for my look at Polydor.
All songs written by Erasmo Carlos - Roberto Carlos.

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