Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sonia Lemos - 7 Domingos [1975 Continental] 320 kbps - 73 mb

Well, I can always trust that when our friend of this page Greg passes me an LP that it's sure to be a great one. Sonia Lemos recorded two very nice mid-70's sessions. This one & the follow up "Perola de Agonita" [1976 Continental]. A standard great recording as it mostly the case with mid-70's sessions. I've been falling in love with this album over the past few years. Finding more & more tracks as I continue to discover this fine recording. Thank you Greg for this share. So many winning numbers here!
If you like this genre & this era then you're sure to like this.

File Under: Samba/MPB

P.S. After seeing so little response to a lovely post such as this, then i'll wait just a bit before I present something else.

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