Sunday, February 18, 2007

Arnaud Rodrigues - Som Do Paulinho [1976 RCA Victor] 256 kbps - 70 mb (reup)

I bring this LP back to the front to honor the passing of a very talented musical artist, Arnaud Rodrigues. Who was found at sea drowned at age 68 on Feb, 17, 2010.
I really like the work of Arnaud Rodrigues. He has a nice vocal style & a wonderful understated funkiness. This LP mixes many styles to good effect. I guess I would describe this as Samba/Rock/Funk with a nice Forró edge. Some really great tracks here & solid all the way through. I adore what was coming out of not just the RCA studios at this time, but Brasil as a whole.

File Under: MPB/Samba-Rock/Forró

P.S. I'll mention that this artist can be heard to very good effect on "Azambuja & CIA [1975 CID]" & "Baiano E Os Novos Caetanos [1974 CID] & Baiano E Os Novos Caetanos 2 [1975 Som Livre]" as well as this very fine disc. R.I.P. Arnaud and thank you for your contribution to MPB.

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